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things I do well

Long experience of photography, 35yrs mainly as a keen hobbyist although I have photographed 3 weddings. Many years in photo retail meant that I'm familiar with lots of different equipment. For the pick of pictures from the last decade or so see the galleries.

Long experience with computers, including Photoshop, vector graphics, HTML, CSS and Wordpress web creation (like this), proficient Mac user.

Extensive use of many digital cameras since the earliest consumer models, printing, scanning, video filming and editing with Final Cut Pro and many etcs.

Good general tech-savvy. Can help use many pieces of technology, except possibly washing machines.

Good at checking grammar, spelling, layout etc.

Good at understanding and integrating emerging fields and technologies, eg. water structuring, quantum hi-fi tweaks. Good at introducing these types of thing to others.

other interests


Music. I play ukulele and drums, not at the same time. I'm okay.

Water. Study of water. Structured water. Water as original natural divine expression.

Some experience of alternative energy generation and use, eg. Bedini Schoolgirl motor, the joule thief circuit. Somebody interviewed me about the Bedini motor and filmed it and put it here.

Energetic healing and transformation. Meditation, Reiki, Matrix Energetics etc.

Improving music reproduction. Using the devices of PWB Electronics to encourage goosepimply stereos

Energy in general. Fields of all flavours—information fields, unified field, fields of coherence.

inspirations, by no particular genre, ending with a comma


I like my realism magical, the box to be open.

Philip K Dick,
Bill Hicks,
Tom Robbins,
Matt Kahn,
Clayton Nolte,
Dr.Rupert Sheldrake,
American Beauty,
Dr.Richard Bartlett,
Waking Life,
Peter William Belt,
Rushdie (2 years 8 months and 28 nights),
Twin Peaks,
James Hill,
Toby Pascoe,


where I am


The South West of England, Bristol to Wiltshire, boat-based living.

I can help with:

Tech support

especially Mac, some Windows/Linux. Digital and video cameras, scanners, printers, photo and video editing. Digital, audio, video generally.

Photography tuition

any digital or 35mm camera. All aspects.

Photography and design

websites, flyers, cards, all sorts.

Spelling, grammar, layout

in print or on screen.

You having great water

I can energise and structure the water in your boat tank and direct you to sales of NAT water structuring units. See this page for an introduction.


always happy to jam with my uke or a drum. I can get you started playing a uke or a drum.

email: ku.em.sllimynot@ynot